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Join the Plano West Wolves Football family at our Community Events, where we bring the spirit of the game to life beyond the field. From spirited pep rallies to engaging outreach initiatives, these events bring our team and community together. Experience the joy of football alongside our players, coaches, and fans as we come together to make a positive impact and build lasting connections.


Spring Game

530pm - Freshmen/JV2/JV | 7pm - Varsity

Experience the thrill of Plano West Football's Spring Game, where anticipation meets action on the field. As players showcase their skills and strategies, fans witness the evolution of our team in preparation for the upcoming season. Join us for an electrifying display of athleticism, camaraderie, and the unwavering spirit that defines Plano West Football.

Pool Party


Dive into the fun at the Pool Party, where players come together for a day of relaxation, camaraderie, and building lasting connections. Set against the backdrop of splashes and laughter, this event provides a refreshing break for the team to strengthen bonds, fostering a sense of unity and friendship beyond the football field. Players enjoy a day of shared experiences, building a foundation of teamwork that extends beyond the game.


Media Day


Plano West Media Day is the pinnacle of capturing the essence of our football team. On this day, we freeze moments in time with team photos, capture stylized images of our players, and delve into the personalities  through intimate 1:1 interviews. It's a celebration of teamwork, individuality, and the vibrant spirit that defines Plano West Football.

Dad's Cookout


Join us at Dad's Cookout, a cherished tradition where players, dads, and coaches come together for a memorable afternoon of bonding and barbecue. As the grill sizzles and laughter fills the air, relationships deepen and memories are made, strengthening the fabric of our football family. Don't miss this opportunity for players to connect with their dads and coaches in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere outside the field.

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Mom's Brunch


Mom's Brunch is a heartwarming gathering where players' moms and coaches' wives come together to celebrate community and camaraderie. It's a special opportunity to honor the vital support network behind the team, sharing stories, laughter, and forging bonds that extend beyond the game. Join us as we express gratitude and appreciation for the unwavering dedication and love that these remarkable women bring to our football family.



Embark on a spirited journey with the Plano West Football Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally, where the entire community gathers to celebrate our team's pride and unity. Experience the vibrant spectacle of the parade, followed by an electrifying pep rally that ignites school spirit and sets the stage for an unforgettable homecoming game. Join us in the heart of the festivities as we come together to showcase our team pride and rally behind the Wolves!

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Senior Night


Senior Night is a poignant celebration honoring the dedication and achievements of our graduating players. Amidst the cheers and emotions, we pay tribute to their contributions, leadership, and lasting impact on the team and our community. We come together commemorating the journey of our seniors as they take center stage in their final moments under the Friday night lights!


January 2025

The Plano West Football Banquets are an annual tradition where we gather to celebrate the accomplishments and dedication of our players. These events provide a platform to recognize individual achievements, express gratitude to coaches and support staff, and reflect on the collective journey of the team throughout the season. A night of appreciation, awards, and heartfelt moments as we come together to honor the pride and excellence of Plano West Football!

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