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Elite Sponsorship Key Benefits

Social Media Shoutouts

Elite sponsors receive regular acknowledgments on Plano West Football's active social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, ensuring widespread visibility among followers.

Full-Color Ad in Season Activity Program

Elite sponsors secure a full-color advertisement inside the season's activity program, distributed during football games and other school events. This provides sponsors with a targeted advertising opportunity to engage directly with attendees.

Premium Logo Placement

Elite sponsors enjoy premium logo placement on the homepage of, the official website of Plano West Football. This placement enhances brand visibility and credibility among the school's supporters and visitors to the site.

Vinyl Banner on Practice Field, Homecoming Parade and Events

Eline sponsors have their logo prominently displayed on a vinyl banner affixed to the practice field fence, ensuring high visibility during practice sessions and the highly anticipated Homecoming Parade. As well as displayed at sponsored events, ensuring heightened brand visibility and recognition.

Logo Placement on Team Poster

Elite sponsors receive premium logo placement on the team poster,  prominently displayed in high-traffic areas within the community. This ensures repeated exposure to a diverse audience, including students, parents, and local residents.

Logo Placement at Event Tables

Elite sponsors have their logos featured on vinyl banners prominently displayed at sponsored events. This ensures heightened brand visibility and recognition among event attendees, further solidifying the sponsor's association with Plano West High School Football.


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